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Website Design Redesign Service

Businesses that started in a garage and kitchen have grown into million-dollar corporate. In many cases, it all started with an impactful website.

Your corporate website is your primary digital identity and the foundation for building your digital assets.

Website Redesign

Ask yourself these questions,

  1. Are you confident or conscious when sharing your website address?
  2. If you were the customer, will you like your website?
  3. Above all did you ever ask your employees what they feel about your company’s website?

If your answer to any 2 of the question is a “NO” … Let’s talk!

New Website Design

Research says over 86.5% of the websites on the world wide web are there for mere representation sake. This is primarily because of the low-cost approach leading to cost-cutting measures.


Businesses fail to acknowledge that in 2020, a website is a company’s brochure. You don’t need a physical one anymore.

When you have a decent budget for a new website, you can create a better impression, impact, and confidence to your prospective customers. Because it shows you care.
Have you ever thought …
  1. What would that decent budget be?
  2. Are you ready for a positive surprise?


It’s your choice to be that ignorant 86.5%. If you are among the smart 13.5% …

Our Credentials

  1. A dedicated website design and digital marketing services division of Datakue
  2. Focused on SMEs and start-ups
  3. A visual design dominance expert team with 75k hours of hands-on experience
  4. Impactful content development team with 19k+ hours of experience
  5. Won 39 awards to date


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