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Terms Conditions Cancellation Refund Policy

Updated: January 1, 2023

Terms, Cancellation and Refund Policy shall be binding between Imagekue and the registered users (also referred as “users” or “clients”) of this website, its features and services offered both online and offline.

1. Terms – Imagekue offers ecommerce and dynamic website design  and digital marketing services. The features, offers, facilities, cost and support are updated in their respective pages from time to time.

2. Payments – All services that are provided exclusively for any client are to be only after the receipt of the payment in advance as these are on monthly subscription basis. Certain products may include an extra setup time and thereby its associated costs. Customization of the process that would involve deviation from the built-in workflow and process may or may not be undertaken. If undertaken, it may or may not involve customization costs as per the nature of work involved. Such costs would be charged on the prevailing rates.

Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation – Cancellation of any service that is on free trial is carried out in two ways that are (a) a note or email from the user requesting to cancel with or without any reason or (b) expiry of the trial period while there is no payment involved, there is no refund involved.

Cancellation of the paid service will be carried out based on cancellation request from the client’s registered email. Datakue will require 2 working weeks or 10 working days to process the cancellation request. The payment obligation by the client ceases after cancellation processing month.


Refund – Any order with a valid cancellation request is subject to a refund within 48 hours of payment.

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