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Search Engine Results Ranking

Is this SEO?


SER / SRR includes SEO.

What is Search Engine Ranking and Search Results Ranking?

Before understanding SEO, SER, and SRR let’s agree on the following.


  • Everyone wants to be on Google’s first page when searched
  • Everyone knows Google uses a set of conditions to ranking called algorithms
  • Everyone knows about organic ranking and paid ranking
  • Everyone knows the existence of the process called indexing by Google-spider
  • Everyone knows social handles contribute to SER (which in reality, is mistakenly called SEO)

If it is still difficult to understand the difference, our experts can help you.

What are these three terms?

You might be familiar with SEO and Search Engine Ranking. You might even know the difference. But Search Results Ranking is seldom used by common professionals.


This is mainly because common professionals are hardly aware of it. Let’s demystify here.


  • Search Engine Ranking is the result of the search as a list
  • Search Results Ranking is the process of listing the search in descending order
  • Search Engine Optimization is to technically make the page eligible to be included in the process for listing the results

Time for Master Tips

A quick note about organic and inorganic rank


Note 1:

All SEOs contributes to organic results while all SERs do not display organic results


Note 2:

Though the SRR algorithm changes there are cardinal rules that never change


Note 3:

Social media stands at the 11th percentile as a factor that contributes to SRR


Note 4:

Digital assets earned out of digital marketing contributes to SRR by being in the 25th percentile


Note 5:

Ironically, secure hosting of HTTPS:// serves SRR at the 100th percentile

We know What is Your Goal & Purpose

  • SEO, SER and SRR is our bread and butter where you can afford to save your invaluable time
  • This is a big picture that contributes directly to business growth, good will in the form of reputation, and elevates branding

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