Quality demands diligence and rigor!
World standard requires adherence and accredition!

Quality ISO SSL DMCA Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

We follow an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management process.


Though this statement sums it up all, we would like to share that the certifying body is Quality Veritas Certification Limited, UK. Our certifying agency adheres to the Scotland Accreditation Forum norms.


We follow an approved process for the production and delivery of service.
The process covers development, quality control, client approvals, and delivery. The process is a mandate for the entire group.


Our organization has a dedicated team for the internal audit for quality management.


Our organization delivery team is in India. However, our customers are across the globe. Hence the management opted for a foreign agent to conform to the world quality standards.

Secure Socket Layer

SSL is the technology standard for a secure internet connection that protects the transmission of data between computers. It’s an encryption method that makes it almost impossible for hackers to break in.


All our corporate websites use HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol) that appears in the URL. Similarly, our email servers are also highly secure. We use TLS (Transport Layer Security) that is the updated and most secure version of SSL. We are certified by COMODO Certifying Authority.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has been built for the following reasons,


  • To make the claim process easier for the owner and the service provider to request removal of content material in case of a copyright breach
  • DCMA made online content protection so easier, accessible to all sizes of service providers, and economical too
  • Ultimately by being a part of the online protection community benefits the service providers and the users of the web, thereby building a world of higher quality standard


The certification granted stands for


  1. The website content is original and out of plagiarism
  2. The website follows higher standards of quality

Environment & Energy

We have partnered with an e-waste management company to collect electronic disposables at a regular frequency. Every employee in our organization diligently follows the waste management process.


As a measure toward energy conservation, our management introduced laptop only policy in 2016.

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