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Offer 5999 Terms & Conditions

Below are the general terms of service, cancellation and refund policy for the Offer 5999.

General Terms

About Receiving Enquiries

  • Enquiries generated will be in the form of phone calls or emails as chosen by the client
  • All enquiries are sent directly to the client’s given mobile number (with WhatsApp recommended) or email ID

Campaign Creative

  • One creative will be designed for campaign in order to promote brand awareness
  • The campaign creative design & copy will be either in the form of text ad or static image ad only to suit the deployment social platform finally approved by the client
  • All approvals by the client must be received within 24 hours
  • Any delay in providing necessary info or approval from the client side will result in the reduction of publicity period of 3 weeks
  • Any delay from Imagekue side will not alter the publicity period of 3 weeks
  • After client’s approval, the approval of the campaign by the deployment social media is final as there is no appeal

Social Media Results

  • Only Google or Facebook promo will be carried out depending upon the nature of product or service or industry sector or the offer
  • Recommendations as per industry results based on historical data will be provided to aide in decision making by the client
  • The client must have atleast Facebook account and authorize Imagekue to carry out campaign on behalf of them
  • This trial offer is for enquiry generation only and not for search engine ranking or any other connected service
  • Social media campaign results will start showing up in 24 hours after campaign deployment

Payment Terms

  • The cost of 1 campaign subscription is Rs.5999/- including 18% GST
  • The subscription amount must be paid in advance
  • This is a trial offer and can be renewed upto 2 times only, after the 1st subscription

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • When the subscription is cancelled within 3 days (72 hours) of payment, you will receive 100% refund
  • For cancellations between 4th to 6th day of payment, you will receive 50% refund
  • For cancellations from 7th day of payment onwards, there will be no refund
  • To avail refund, send an email to finance@datakue.com with the subject line “Cancel subscription” and include your registered email ID with payment transaction reference ID

Declaration – “Imagekue” is the digital marketing division of Datakue Services Private Limited. All payments are to be made in the name of Datakue Services Private Limited only.

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