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I have presence on major social media handles

I have Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts, but nothing happens. I am not tech savvy, I don't know what to do either.

I find newsletters and database callings are better

I have many friends & business connects in my social media accounts, but no enquiries so far. Newsletters & database calling gives results.

I believe in organic growth via social media

I have social corporate pages with few followers and likes. I am positive that gradually it will improve and eventually generate business enquiries.

You may have presence in all major social handles, but ...

Having social accounts is not a complete presence. Having social pages does not substantiate either.
  • To grow your business, you need to close more sales.
  • You can close more sales only when there are more enquiries.
  • More enquiries can be generated when your brand reaches more target audiences.
  • To reach larger target audiences, you should promote your brand.
There are 582+ million entrepreneurs who sell to 7.9 billion people across the globe.
  • 78.29% said communication was the problem to promote, which affected their business growth
  • 19.74% said they were uncomfortable using technology
  • Sadly, just 1.97% of entrepreneurs used social media to double their business growth in 2021
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Top 10 reasons why you should switch today

  • Social media engagements are anytime, anywhere and on the go
  • Social media engagements are ever fresh when compared to newsletters or databases
  • You can specifically target by gender, age, ethnicity, industry, interests, or even upto zip code levels
  • Social media marketing is the most economical with the budget under your control
  • Enquiries get generated after seeing your brand and have probably visited your website / social handles
  • There is no surprise element like blind cold calls or spam
  • The enquiries are genuine with the requirement
  • Additionally, there is brand reach which is not possible with a database
  • This is a public mode and not a stealth mode of marketing like using a database
  • You don’t need technical knowledge or know-how   Sign up for the trial offer!

The cost of organic growth is a myth!

There is no free lunch.

The organic form of brand growth in social media platforms requires the dedication of not one but multiple lives in various forms. It starts with brand vision, social media strategy & planning; developing content, creatives & copies; testing and deploying in multiple platforms and adding variety along the line appropriately to every forum your brand is in finally, promote the content for maximum reach before it becomes stale.


Yes, contents have diminishing value too. You have to promote rigorously to generate maximum reach, which costs time and tremendous effort.

You may argue, “No problem, I can do it”.

How can you go about it when every social platform has a daily limit?

Ok, if you use multiple people, what would be your cost?

Can all your employees dedicate time as per the demands of the social calendar in an orchestrated manner? Do they have the necessary technical skills to accomplish what it takes?

Can you gauge the time and effort cost now?

Well, now add another overhead to your product or service costs. Finally, what is the definition of “growth” in an organic way? Is it for empty fame and brand awareness that does not fetch business growth?

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social media user which equates to about 48% of the population

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Brand building for the company would be more appropriate.

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enquiries, it is wiser to be specific with which product you would like to sell more.

Brand building for the company would be more appropriate.

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