Post Covid-19 business and life is virtual isn't it?
That includes sales and marketing too!

Digital Social Media Marketing

What is the difference?

Let us start with this question. Is there a difference between digital marketing and social marketing?


The answer is YES!

For instance, we all know that the world consists of continents and a continent contains countries in it. Similarly, digital marketing contains social marketing in it, whereas social marketing is one of the sub-set of digital marketing.


Of course, digital marketing is referred to here as #Digital Media Marketing and social marketing to be read as #Social Media Marketing. However, social marketing has become so popular that many do away with digital marketing.


Our experts can help you make the right decision for your business and offer the best strategy to meet both your immediate and long-term goals.

How to choose digital or social?

There are various factors obviously. Here are a few crucial considerations to decision making.


  • Your long term goals
  • Your immediate goals
  • Your vision for your brand identity
  • Your customer profile


Did you know there is a 3rd type of customer segment called “B2B2C”? This is quite a thriving segment. Many B2C businesses go for B2B2C inorder to make larger footprints.

Can I do it myself?

Of course you can! Today, anybody can learn anything and do it themselves.


Question 1:

Do you handle overall branding including message, identity, reputation, content, graphics and themes?


Question 2:

Who handles the operations, delivery, customer support, etc.?


Question 3:

What would you focus between? Building digital assets or financial assets?


Question 4:

Between your skill vs outsourcing which one can bring guaranteed results?


Question 5:

When something goes wrong, who would you like to blame? Yourself or the agency?

Again, What is Your Goal & Purpose?

  • Is it selling your products or saving few bucks?
  • Which is the big picture to you, actually?

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