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8th Anniversary Offer

Is your annual turnover less than Rs.20.00 Crores? If yes, then this offer is for you!

Get direct business enquiry calls for 90 days continuously at just Rs.4999/- a month

The Offer Serves Only 100 Campaigns A Year

Most Companies Sign Up For Multiple Products, Leaving You A Narrow Chance

You now have an opportunity, so hurry …

At Rs.4999/- a month

Small Is Beautiful

Invest Just Rs.4999/-


Small businesses spend an average of Rs.100,000/- or higher every quarter to generate enquiries and miss out on sales conversion

You can close more sales only if you have more enquiries

Remember, direct networking is ideal for building long term relationships, showcasing your achievements, etc.

We help you reach your short term & immediate sales target

At Rs.4999/- a month

Our Promise

WE don't stop, until you get your 1000+ enquiries...

That's The Imagekue Way.

What You Can Expect From Us

Top 3 Benefits

Our Strategy

We are a digital marketing company, our experts implement social media marketing best practices to generate enquiries for your business

Direct Calls

The business enquiry calls generated would come directly to your designated mobile number without any intervention to ensure exclusivity to you

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t get 300 calls in the first month, you can retain all the business enquiries received + we refund your balance subscription amount

Clean Transaction

Everything is online now. So are your customers. We know exactly where & how to find them.

Sign up for just Rs.4999/- a month. The anniversary offer is for a maximum period of 3 consecutive months only.

Thinking again how? Leave it to the experts. We generate 3500+ enquiries daily for our customers.

Calls reach you directly

Sign up now, before 100 campaigns limit closes

At Rs.4999/- a month

Need Help? We Are Here!

Some of the questions asked to us are given below as FAQs

We are a website making, digital marketing, content development organization.

Regarding the credential, here are the facts

  • We are an ISO compliant company with the certifying organization from Scotland
  • We are already 8 years old and going steadily towards our first decade of existence
  • We are one of the handful of organizations that survived comfortably and sailed through the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 pandemic, when many of our competitors and contemporaries shutdown

Yes! That’s the specialty of our “8th Anniversary Offer” as it is supposed to be. This is the most inexpensive than your marketing executive salary. Additionally you get assured results with money back guarantee.


What you have seen, read, understood is all correct. It is just Rs.4,999/- per month for 3 months (90 days) subscription. Our “Standard Plan” starts at Rs.26,750.00 per month.

Absolutely none!

Our “Standard Plan” is a package of brand awareness, popularity building, product publicity, etc. organically through digital media marketing. It is focused on gathering crowd, engaging them, etc. using content marketing.


The “8th anniversary offer” focuses only on generating direct business enquiries for your product or service.

Yes! The offer is inclusive of 18% GST. While you fill out the form, mention your City & GSTIN to claim input credit.

As a part of being an ISO certified company by Scottish organization, we are GDPR complaint that ensures utmost privacy including internationally.

In the past 2 years, our customers have chosen product over company. Brand building (standard plan) for the company would be more appropriate.


As we are generating direct business enquiries, be specific with which product you would like to sell more.

We started with serving 25 campaigns in 2020 in our 6th anniversary and were able to serve 50 campaigns in 2021 in our 7th anniversary.

Currently with our team capacity, we can support 100 campaigns at a time.

When you click the subscribe button, you will be directed to a form to be duly filled and subsequently to the payment page.


The subscription form is comprehensive and you can confirm your interest there.

Not needed. The whole idea is to make you experience how pocket friendly the offer is.


Just pay for the 1st month. We will send you reminder notifications for the 2nd& 3rd month, only.


*Note: We do not store your banking information. As per RBI regulations, prior notification & permission must be sought from the customer before charging for any monthly subscription.

There will be no extra discount or any other add-on, even if you subscribe for 3 months together.

No. This is a limited service offer for a limited period. If you focus on converting the sales enquiries to business, you will be ready to subscribe to our “Standard, Premium or Custom Plans“.

We prefer keeping our promise & process in writing. You may reach us in the below email ID. We will respond within 24 hours during the week days.


Working Hours:

Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

At Rs.4999/- a month