3 Steps to discovering your personal barcode!

A business owner or an employee has to deal with people outside the family and friends everyday. Most importantly, one has to be outside the comfort zone. But how would you make it worthwhile?


To cut to the chase, neither Gandhian philosophies nor war strategies help. We all knew that balance is the commonly abused word and strategy for centuries. Does balance exist in reality?


What are the practical alternatives?

One needs to manage everything.


Yes! It necessarily means a lot of work has to be done consciously, develop many of the lots into reflex actions.


The only way out is to start somewhere. The sooner you start, the better. But where to is another tough decision as well. By the way, why and when should you manage? These are some of the obvious questions.


The answer to all the above is in discovering your personalized barcode. Your BARCODE is your image to the world.


You will learn to find yours in 3 simple steps.


STEP 1: Start with a clean slate. Forget what happened so far. Now is the time to draw your DESIRE picture.


What kind of a personal barcode would you like to define for yourself? Let this be realistic and stay away from aping Elon Musk, Jack Maa, Mark Zukerberg, etc. Even if you attempt, it will not be authentic as they have already discovered their respective BARCODEs.


Inspiration is good, so consolidate, convert to positive adjectives. You knew already, right? But are you conscious? Fine. Go ahead and complete the task.


Think thoroughly and draw your code in 7 aspects of your life.

STEP 2: This is easy. Invest an hour for your life on understanding your overall self. Take an honest personality and strengths test in a quiet and undisturbing place. Remember, this test is about knowing your-self to your-self.


Links to popular tests.


STEP 3: Now, map your DESIRE to your personality and strengths test result. No panic! It is bound to have gaps because you are a perfect human being. Everyone is unique. One has to understand, identify, and accept it. It does not end there. Now that you know yourself, your wants, and your gaps. Set a time slot for your Personalized BARCODE.


Consume part of your entertainment time in learning to close the gaps. Practice diligently. Overcoming resistance is the only way to become resilient. “Courage to conviction” is an age-old technique that comes as a savior. Alternately, you may seriously consider assigning your close confidante as your Accountability Partner or even Image Consultants.


Over a period, you would have chiseled your BARCODE that is just your best self.

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About the writer

Kalpana Srilalitha is the co-founder of Datakue Services, a software and allied services company. She is an expert in visual design dominance for the manufacturing industry software and been a receipt of numerous recognitions. She is a sought after guest speaker for the colleges and conferences alike. You may connect to her from here.